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Why you need to Learn Digital Marketing from us?

How digital marketing helps you succeed

digital marketing course for college students

For Students

Freshers can get started their career in digital marketing, & also started to work as a freelancer

digital marketing course for working professtionals

For Professionals

Accelerate your Career, working professionals Got Better Career With higher salary. Sharpen your skills

digital marketing course for business owners

For Entrepreneurs

Grow your Business, Get More qualified Leads & customers in their marketing Campaigns.

Industry’s Most Comprehensive & Practical Program

Our In-demand, Future Focused Program

100+ Hrs of Learning

50+ Modules

Led by 5+ Industry Experts

Online Training

15+ Certifications

Complete in 2 or 4 Months

Best in class LMS

Paid Tools & Softwares

15 Industry Certifications

google ads
google analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions

UpSumo is a growing digital Training Institute that focuses on equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with digital marketing skills.

We have a dedicated team that not only teaches but helps you implement various strategies in real-world situations.

We have over 50+ modules that give you industry related insights and real-time discussions for learners.

Our courses are regularly updated to fit the industry trends and we strive to offer the best digital marketing skills to our learners.

We also have a strong community of passionate digital marketers where you can join and interact with other like-minded business people and help each other.

Choose a digital marketing course today and let UpSumo transform your skills to the next levels.

Thus you will be getting a tremendous amount of practical knowledge. Which helps you to grow your career rapidly.

Working on Live projects makes you understand on a deeper level, Certifications from google, bing, Facebook, Hubspot is a plus.

Anyone who wants a career path in the digital marketing industry can do this course. If you’re looking forward to becoming an entrepreneur, a business professional, or becoming a digital marketer this course is for you.

Job Seekers, College Students, Working Professionals, Business Owners, Future Entrepreneurs.

Digital marketing is transforming the way businesses promote their products and services and how they interact with potential customers. It changes the way marketers tell a story and spark meaningful lifelong connections. This puts digital marketing careers in very high demand.
So how good is a career in digital marketing? A good digital marketing career makes you very competitive, opens the door for more career choice, and increased pay. The flexibility and versatile nature of digital marketing makes it more exciting and fascinating.

High market competition has resulted in a booming career path in digital marketing skills. Each business relies on the internet in order to come up with ways to improve their sales and compete with others in the market.

The Internet enables you to learn more about your customers, the market, create product awareness, sales leads, sales forecasts, get customer’s feedback, and how to keep your customers happy.

All this information will enable you to enhance your business.

There are a lot of benefits surrounding digital marketing. You can read more benefits here.

From Startups to Multi-National Companies, Every organization relies on Digital Marketing Team to Drive Demand and for their Products and Services. This opens the Doors for strategic and Forward-thinking people like you, who help brands achieve the reach in a crowded marketplace.


We are spending more time on the internet than TV or radio – Surfing, Social media, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Playing Games, Shopping, Online Booking, etc.


The increase in Internet Enable Devices like mobile, smartwatches, Tablets and Laptops, etc is penetrated every level of the Society, from the young generation to senior citizens are using internet


Every organization is looking for qualified Digital Marketers who can create interest & awareness about their brand, Increase Clients & Customer acquisition, and increase overall Revenue to their Business Growth on a continuous basis.


Thus creating a huge opportunity for Digital Marketers in India and around the world to showcase their skills.

With every business switching to digital marketing methods to promote their products and services, there is high demand for digital marketing skills.
Therefore, to succeed in the market you need to:
Be more creative
Have analytical skills
Have good writing and communication skills
Be passionate about the digital marketing field
Learn and experiment with different marketing tools to see what works best for your business.

There are no strict degree or academic qualification required for doing digital marketing. Preferable a degree in any stream Engineering, BBA, MBA, BCom, etc. Nowadays even after 10th and 12th students are doing digital marketing.

Who are looking to change their career into digital marketing. Or People Mainly into sales and marketing who wants to better manage your team or looking for a promotion.

Honestly people who complete our web design modules starts to offer freelance websites to their friends and family members.

Trust me on this you will be truly learning to build professional websites ranging from landing pages, corporate websites to full fledged E commerce websites.

Without writing a single line of code.

Future you can offer Social Media Services to clients.

We will guide you to how to find clients , proposal templates and more. 

Further more digital marketing services like

Lead generating services, PPC services. SEO Services and more.

There are more than 20+ Major designations you can work after completing course in digital marketing.

Major Profiles you work under is 

Website Designing/ Landing Page design

Search Engine Optimization, Make websites rank on search engines like google , bing, yahoo etc for your services.

Pay per Click, Where you will handling huge campaign budget for clients running search ads , etc.

Social media services, creating content calendar and building royal followers for your brand on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.

Content Writing profile, where you create engaging content to nurture your audience into leads , clients & customers.

and more.








People having their own business or their family business and wants to take it online. Or want to do affiliate marketing. or start their own digital marketing agency can learn digital marketing.

Yes you will get paid themes and plugins for building professional websites and landing pages.

We provide original tools not trail versions.

Due to the increased use of the internet, more people transact businesses online through the E-Commerce platform.

More people rely on the internet to get information about products and services and their availability in the world market.
Businesses also use the internet to communicate with customers in real-time and exchange information about product changes or the launch of a new product.

To do all these, digital marketing techniques are required to reach out to a large number of customers over the internet.

Businesses will be able to use various digital platforms to market their products and services over the internet.

Once you know your target audience, you can use digital marketing to deliver products and services to them as well as know more information about your customer preferences.

Your customers will also be able to interact with each other and share their experiences with your products.

Kindly be cautious as no Institute in the world that can Guarantee placements. but saying that we are with you until you are placed.


Realistically after completing the course you can get a job in digital marketing, which can pay upto 25k/ month as a fresher. But it totally depends on the profile, company and your knowledge.

You can work on freelance projects and get passive income.

Start affiliate marketing and more.

Wealth you make depends on the time you are will to put and passion to learn and explore. 

Even us spend 4 hours a day learning new concepts and implementing.



Yes you will get access to our Learning Management System where you can access all the ppts, videos of live sessions and quizzes. Weekly roundups etc.

Even the tools and their license keys are the provides inside the LMS.


If you are not able to understand , firstly you can choose other trainers.

If you still not happy you can get a complete refund of the course fee paid within your first 7 days.

We are very confident with our course, not even a single student have went for a refund.




You can follow us on social media, as we do all the heavy lifting in curating all the latest topics and strategies in digital marketing. 

we do weekly roundups for digital marketing where you get the gist of whats happening the world of digital marketing.


We complete the course for digital marketing within 2 months. Just to know, it will be very intense practical oriented. Every day we will be giving assignments to build a strong foundation in digital marketing.

Which is Monday to Friday, everyday 3 hours.

If you miss those classes you will get the recorded sessions or attend other batches while those topics are covered as backup classes.



Simple answer NO, you dont need to have any coding skills, but you should be able to copy the paste few tracking when its required.


Honestly speaking there are more than 100+ certifications that you can take during and after course.

The major certifications will prepare you for is 

Google Ads ( 6+ certifications)

Bing Ads

Hubspot ( 5+ Certifications)

Facebook ( paid exam)

and more

Note certifications is no guarantee that you know the subject or will get job or can make money online,

 our training is focused on practical implementation, every strategy we teach you will implement practically on live projects.


Global reach: Digital marketing provides a wide range of benefits to businesses of all sizes. Unlike other forms of marketing, digital marketing provides you with personalized marketing materials that allow you to trade in the global market.

Reduced cost: You can come up with targeted digital marketing campaigns to reach out to the right audience at a lower cost compared to the traditional marketing techniques. Digital marketing helps you boost your web traffic.

Web Analytics: It allows you to use web analytics features and other web metric tools to track your marketing campaigns. You will also be able to know how your customers respond to your online adverts and what they view most on your website. You will also be able to know your customers buying patterns and behaviors.

The information obtained can help you decide on the best marketing channels to prioritize on in order to drive more customers into your website.

High sales conversion: Having an online business will result in higher conversion rates. As you drive more customers into your website, you can use various internet marketing strategies to entice them to buy your products and services thus leading to sales conversion.

Generate traffic: Digital marketing acts as an effective communication tool between the business and customers, business to business, as well as customers to customers. Businesses can use targeted email marketing to create awareness of the existence of products and services.

Build brand reputation: Delivering what you promised your customers helps build good relationships with them. More customers will be able to trust your brand which is essential for the survival of your business in the online market. Having a good online presence and offering better customer services will help build your reputation as well as boost the success of your business.

There is no prior condition required for you to start a course in Digital Marketing, Email Marketing course, Search Engine Optimization Course, and PPC training Course. Having basic computer skills can be more advantageous to you. You don’t need any programming skills.

The training program offers practical guidance on different digital marketing tools. Our trainers guide you through step by step implementation of the strategies you have learned in the course.

For example, how to use social media to create brand awareness and sales conversion, how to use Google AdWords Campaigns, Affiliate marketing, Facebook ads, SEO implementation, etc

Once you complete your training, you can join the job market as an intern or work in a company that offers more than 20+ digital marketing designations.

You can work as a freelancer in digital marketing, SEO analyst, or a digital marketing manager.

Since digital marketing is an ever-evolving career with a lot of emerging trends, it is in high demand in the job market.

You have to constantly update yourself with what is happening in the digital world for you to remain relevant.

This is possible if you;
Read more digital marketing blogs: There are a lot of high authority websites and blogs that provide in-depth information on what’s happening in the digital marketing field.

Attend webinars and tutorials: Watch tutorials on YouTube that teach you how to implement various digital marketing strategies. You can attend webinars discussing the latest trends in digital marketing.

Join the digital marketing community: The community has like-minded business individuals that share tips on succeeding in digital marketing.

Get certified: You can choose an area you are interested in and enroll for training with us! In UpSumo, we offer digital marketing certification in various courses.

How to start your Career & Work as a Freelancer in Digital Marketing?


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