Go Beyond the Basics with Extremely Actionable Video Marketing Tips

Video marketing has now become the most essential part of any brand marketing strategy. On one hand, videos are getting qualified leads through various platforms. Plus, it is helping businesses to create awareness, which used to be a bit difficult before video became popular. 

If done correctly, video can do wonders for small businesses and startups, looking for revenue-generating assets. 

Apart from all the terms and basic techniques, today, we are going to discuss the most actionable ways you can make the most out of videos for marketing.

Let’s get started with the most popular and the second largest website after Google. YouTube

YouTube Video Marketing Tips

Work on the Thumbnails

According to YouTube Data, around 2 billion users log in to YouTube every month, and 68% of them agree that video helps them make a purchase decision. There is no other way to get engagement than YouTube Marketing. 


Not only do you get to reach a large audience, but your website directly attracts customers who want to buy a relevant product or service. 

As per Backlinko, 90% of the best videos on YouTube have great thumbnails. So, how do you create thumbnails that make viewers click on your video? It’s simple, all you need is the right graphic idea to make a thumbnail clickable.

The thumbnail should match the initial 10 seconds of your video highlighting the problem in an effective graphic appearance.

If your video does not contain animation or cartoon, use human emotions with a close up of faces highlighting the problem you are looking for an answer for.

Make sure the colour and pattern of the thumbnail go with your brands (Like shown in the image)

Write SEO Friendly Titles & Description

When it comes to YouTube, SEO is very important for ranking. Not only you will be on top of YouTube results but Google also ranks website that has good YouTube videos. For this, choosing the right keywords make a huge difference.

Starting with the most basic keywords, you need to also rank for a few untapped keywords to rank higher on Google search results. For example, if you are a content marketing business, content marketing and social media marketing would be your popular keywords whereas, content for tech companies would be one of the least searched keywords you could rank for. Apart from this, long-tail keywords and descriptions make a huge impact on your video’s overall performance.

Ahref, Moz Seo and Google Keyword Planner are some of the best keyword tools for your reference.

YouTube Cards to Drive More Audience


According to YouTube Creator Academy, channels with niche-specific content get more subscribers and views than the ones with random video content. Hence, playlists and cards are important to find the right audience for your videos. It is one of the major ranking factors that bring customers to a brand’s YouTube channel, and take them to its website. 


When someone has watched one of your videos, they might have a few more questions that your playlist suggests on YouTube. 

If you have created an organized playlist for the same topic, they will watch more from the list and thus, the session time will increase. This will allow Google to rank your channel higher on Google search results.

Secondly, you can work on the video formats that only work on YouTube.

Social Media Video Marketing Tips

The Shorter, the Better

The first and foremost rule for getting your videos more views is to create short length videos. Users have no time to watch lengthy videos anymore. So, you need to tell your story within 60 to 90 seconds on social media. Long videos never work on social media even if you have the best content or graphics. 

Make use of Popular Video Formats

There are 4 major types of social media videos that brands need to focus on. 

  • Stories
  • Short Form Videos like Reels & Shorts
  • Post Videos
  • Live Streams

To take your video marketing to its next level, you have to include all of these video formats in your strategy. No need of having a massive budget or professional studio setup. All you need is a good script, skilled graphic designers, and niche-specific content to bring leads.

Apart from these, you must understand the popular video formats that work on almost every social media platform including YouTube. Here are the most popular ones for brand video production.

  • Explainer Videos
  • How-to Tutorials
  • Educational Videos
  • Animated Videos
  • Testimonials
  • Company Culture
  • Product Demo Videos

Consider Influencer Marketing 

One of the trendiest ways of utilizing social media video marketing is with influencer marketing, Find the most followed influencer in your niche, and ask for collaboration. You can promote your product or service through a video created by the influencer. 

Make sure you reach out to industry leaders who can promote your product with authority, and you will start noticing new customers exploring your business.

Optimize the Video 

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Not all social media platforms use the same resolution. You cannot just create a YouTube video and post it across everywhere. Every platform has its length limitation and size. Make sure you properly optimize your social media videos depending on the platform you have chosen. 

For example, Instagram Reels have different resolutions than IGTV videos. Don’t forget to add subtitles and translation to get the maximum reach of your video content.

Performance Measurement

No Matter how great your video content is, you need feedback and performance metrics to get better in the game. As you are willing to reach more and more people every day, social media helps you with the best performance measurement tools and user insights. The in-depth tools by Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can understand the user metrics by the view, likes, saved posts and much more to understand what type of videos are bringing results for your business. 

Tips for Video Marketing Via Email & Website

Embed Videos on the Website

Similar to social media and YouTube, videos are also great for blogging, website landing pages and email marketing. An explainer video in the mail can increase the click-through rate 300 times more than a regular one. Here is how to win customers by making the best out of your video strategy.

Embedding a video on a web page is different from putting a link within the content. When you embed a video on a landing page, it means visitors will be redirected to the video destination while the session will be counted for the website. Embedding videos on the website not only increases session time, and Google ranking but helps customers effectively understand your business. 

On the other hand, adding a 30 second explainer video to your email or newsletter can increase the chances of conversion if done properly.

Now that you know how each platform can be utilized for video marketing in ways more than you think. Here is the most popular type of video marketing that never goes in vain. 

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are created to explain a product or service within a few seconds so that the viewers want to know more. With animated characters, subtle storytelling and exceptional effects explainer videos can do wonders for a business. Let’s understand how explainer video marketing works for businesses with these effective Explainer video marketing tips

  • The first place to upload your explainer video is on the website. Visitors like the extra effort of putting an explainer to help them understand what your business is all about. Plus, it gets your website a chance to rank higher in the Google search results. 
  • Explainers are like video presentations of your product or service. So, you can always use an explainer while pitching new customers or sending emails to the leads. 
  • YouTube in-stream ads and social media ads are mainly covered by explainer video creators. Combined with a great voice over and Call action explainer video ads amazingly promote a brand.
  • 3D animation and whiteboard explainer videos are also great for service-based companies and healthcare organizations.

Things to Keep in Mind while Creating Videos for Marketing

Video marketing is not as easy as it may seem to a lot of newbies. It required a roadmap, video production skills and most importantly the right way of marketing. Here are a few things to consider while creating a video marketing strategy for your business.

The Power of Creative Call-to-Action

Call-to-action is an essential part of video marketing strategy. It allows your customers to take the next step when they have watched your video. Videos without a CTA are directionless and have nothing to contribute to your business. So, while creating a video script, you must keep CTAs in mind so it looks effortless and not too salesy.

It does not have to be a direct purchase link of your product. You can always use appealing words like sign up, subscribe, learn more and so on with a clear message. Here are a few tips for CTAs in video

1) CTA at the Start of the Video

Most viewers don’t finish a video if it is longer than 1 minute, and if you have placed the CTA at the end, there is no way you are going to attract new leads. Hence, it makes sense to initiate the video with a call-to-action button so the viewers know where to go next.

2) Be Versatile

Never hesitate to experiment with the approach of CTAs in every video. You can either add a CTA button on the screen or end your video with a link in the description. Whatever it may be, your CTAs should always be clickable.

3) Follow the Funnel

Video marketing funnels are great for conversion. They are designed to bring new people to your business and convert them into customers with a step-by-step approach. Here’s is how a video marketing funnel works

  1. Attract New People

The first step of the funnel involves attracting new customers by offering solutions to their problems. Explainer videos, how-to tutorials and whiteboard explainer videos are a part of the step where you could bring more new people to your business website.

  1. Engage & Educate

Once you have attracted an audience to your brand, now is the time to create brand awareness and provide specific answers related to your offerings. Product demos, live streaming, and animated explainers are great to educate your audience and inspire them to explore your business.

3) Creating Content that Converts

Now that your website has got enough traffic, you need to convert those leads with product-based videos, email marketing and customer testimonial videos. The clearer your product videos are, the more your leads make a buying decision,

4) Bottom of the Funnel

To retain the existing customers and visitors, delighting them with informational videos and promotional stuff is the last step in the funnel. This makes your customer the representative of your brand as they are the ones who share your content across various mediums.

Invest in Production

While you already have the best marketing team for your business. Creating videos that work organically is always the best thing for a brand. Whether you are a small business or an established one, video production can take a lot of your time, effort and money. 

Therefore, it is super important to find the right equipment, in-house professionals or directly hire a video production company that could handle everything from pre-production to editing and publishing.

If you decide to record a video on your own, here are a few things to keep in mind while shooting for brand videos.

1) Lighting is the most important element of your video. Make sure you have a studio light installed or a good outdoor space to shoot the video in proper sunlight.

2) If you are recording interviews, voiceovers or other client testimonials, always prefer having an external microphone to get the best sound quality.

3) Invest in a good quality camera and graphic editing tools.

4) Always have a storyboard created based on the script so that you don’t miss the storyline.

Promote Your Videos

Last but not least, the entire summary of your video marketing is to bring customers. Paid marketing does exactly the same for almost every business. You must have a budget every month to create video ad campaigns for YouTube, social media and Linked In. 

Paid video ads work great with the in-depth marketing tools provided by Facebook and Instagram.

Not only can you reach a specific audience but get qualified leads from your local area. 

A 10 to 30-second video ad summarizing your best features and profits to the customer is what you need to create other than the regular video posts. 

As mentioned earlier, do not forget to direct your audience with a clear call to action button or link with the description.

Over To You

Now you are well aware of the best practices to leverage videos for a business. Get started with these tips and get desired traffic for your business website that converts.

Find a reliable video production agency that understands the latest trend in video marketing and timely manages your video production tasks. 

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