11 Most common web design mistakes that can hurt your business

Nowadays, most things have become easy day by day with the advancement of technology. Life without technology is different than the present world. The acceptance of the digital era put a great benchmark. There are many keys to enhance your business wherein website designing is the top-notch choice. It is not a secret anymore that the website act as a backbone of every business nowadays.

The outbreak of the covid-19 had a great impact on the life of many people. Many businesses shut down, companies facing great loss, people face a high level of stress and much more due to the covid-19. If you want that your business to be successful in these challenging times, then you must get a well-designed website. In this phase of pandemic, there is a great need to maintain the social distancing, but it may affect the businesses. So, if you will have a perfectly designed website to display your products, brands, then it makes many things easy up to a great extent. 

Build a well-designed website to grow your business 

With the increase in competition, a well-designed website may help you to grow the business. Therefore, it is a better choice to create your website. But if you want to make a flawless design of the website, then you need to hire a professional web designer who is rich in experience in designing websites.  

Having a website for the business is no longer an option; however, it becomes a critical requirement. If you have created a great website, then it will put an outstanding impression on the potential customers. In fact, it is the top-notch way to induce the customers to take the desired action. But before building a website for your business, it is always essential that one must fulfill the specific website design standards. 

Make the eye-catching design of the website

Obviously, the appealing website will surely help your business to grab attention, engage more customers, & establish the high-level credibility of the business online. The website’s design is also an important parameter that must be considered. It is important to follow all the rules of designing the website. Moreover, it is better if you choose an eye-catching design for the website as it helps to retain many customers on your website for a long.  

The developer which you choose must pay full attention to the standards of designing the website. Even the smallest glitch in the website may seriously impact the business. Not only this, the website looks outdated & unappealing, which puts a negative impact on your brand in the customers’ minds. To make responsive web design, it is good to avoid common mistakes during web designing.

Many common web design mistakes usually happen. The mistakes in the website can seriously hurt your business. Suppose you are aiming towards designing a beautiful and fantastic user-friendly website. In such a situation, you must be aware of the web designing mistakes which need to be avoided in any possible way. In this guest blog, you will get to know about the top 11 common web design mistakes that may harm your business. 

Some common web design mistakes which may harm your business 

Designing a poor website might have a severe effect on the customer. In fact, there can be a possibility that you may lose the precious customer, which put down a huge loss to your business. Most people love to design a cost-effective website; indeed, it is a good way to make a cost-effective website.

Always design a website that will give a great user experience. The website must be enjoyable, navigable, usable, & easy to use. But always keep in mind to never compromise with the standards to design the website. Here are some of the common web design mistakes which may hurt your business are listed as follows: 

1. Speed of loading the webpage is low: 

For online surfing, everyone is always in a great hurry. They are regularly looking for social media updates, cross-checking emails, as well as swapping between various websites at a time. It clearly means that this will take much time to load the page. Then the users may leave the website as soon as possible.  

Always remember that there are ample websites that contain the same information as your website. If you want the users to stay on the page, then it is always better to make the website easily loaded and opened as soon as possible. Every website developer must always care about the website loading speed as it is among the major web design mistakes which may harm Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

2. If your website is not mobile-friendly: 

In today’s world, everyone owns their smartphone. Most people use mobile phones. It has been an estimation that 52% of people around the globe use mobile phones. Always make sure that the website is mobile-friendly. In case the website is not mobile-friendly, then you cannot expect it to be visible in the Search Engine results for sure. There is a great possibility that the visitor leaving a non-mobile-friendly website quickly. Therefore, it is considered one of the most common mistakes that several businesses usually made.  

3. Use of Poor Content & Whitespaces: 

Everyone knows the importance of the content on the website. It plays a vital role in website design and marketing strategy. The content is the main source that glorifies the product, and it also helps to give the perfect details of the products to the users. It is better that you must pay good attention to the font, color, as well as size of the content on the page. 

Moreover, it is better if you will make use of the whitespaces properly. Remember that adding the text to the website is a major mistake. Break the text properly & then use the visual representation. If you regularly update the content on the website, this will also help to extract maximum business. You can say that it is the best content marketing SEO growth strategy. 

4. Horrible CTA: 

The CTA indeed defines the business. This helps in giving commands to the visitors in order to perform some activity. CTA should let to know the visitors what exactly you do next. There should be required information regarding what would happen once they choose any particular option. It is better to make a CTA simple & easy to use.  

5. Make use of the Irrelevant Images:  

Any website becomes appealing with the insertion of relevant images and photos. If the images and photos you insert are irrelevant to the website, it will put a bad impression on the customers. Moreover, use high-quality images can be quite useful. It is one of the greatest mistakes that may turn off the visitors. 

6. Auto-playing video with sound to the website is an aggressive approach 

Adding video to websites is quite useful. In fact, it is one of the amazing ways which can be useful to attract the attention of potential customers. Some people ignore this, but it is one of the major mistakes if they ignore it. There are many websites where it is acceptable & expected for videos to auto-play. But sometimes, this is a quite frustrating experience for the visitors when they tap on a web page link for a particular page, and the page opens. Moreover, the video starts to play out. In such a situation, several visitors leave the page instantly rather than looking for a mute option. 

7. Contact Information is Unavailable: 

The moment visitors arrive to your website is one of the most critical times for your business. It is important that there must be complete information available on the website. If the visitor has to make much effort to search for the contact information, they may leave the website and proceed to the other website. If there is no contact information available on the website, then you may consider it as one of the major mistakes. Therefore, it is important to provide the relevant contact information which can be readily available to the visitor so that they can reach you instantly. 

8. Don’t have a Service or Product Page: 

It is important to have services or product page on the website that you have designed for your business. If there is no service or product page, then you are obviously letting go of the chance for the website to be ranked for particular keywords. The website must be designed in such a way that there should be one product or service per page.  

9. Make effective use of the Pop-Ups:  

If the Pop-ups are used effectively, then surely it will bring more business. The issue encounters only when the pop-ups create an interruption to the customers or website visitors. Remember that you should avoid the annoying pop-ups as this won’t let you ranked at the peak on the SERPs. The best solution for this is that building the pop-ups which your visitors love. As the visitors have gone halfway on the page, then create pop-ups.  

10. If it doesn’t have a 404 Page: 

Always remember that the 404 page is important. This is not at all a normal page. Thus, it is among the essential pages for the visitors you want to tell your visitors that you really about their experiences. With this approach, you can make use of 404 pages in order to make the visitors interested rather than not interested. 

11. The Content is not Scannable 

The readers read slower on the screen as compared to reading from a printed book. There is a need to make the web content scannable because the visitors who have less patience, they find it challenging to stay at a single website for long. Always keep in mind that the writing content for a website is somewhat different from writing for print material. Therefore, the content on the website must be easily scannable. 

Why is there a need to make the navigation on the website easy and keep the website secure? 

Apart from the mistakes mentioned above, many other common problems may affect your business. Some people face navigation issues, and sometimes the search engines alert that the website is insecure. Here you will get an idea about both in detail: 

  • Navigation-related problems  

In this modern era, when everything is delivered at a minimum possible time, then the things which take longer time may be the second choice for all. Thus, the website navigation must be fast enough so that everyone loves to go through it. It must be speedy enough that the visitor can move from one page to other without any complication and in less time. If your website has fewer navigation problems, the user will not find any complications while using it.  

  • If the website is not secure 

In case the website is not hosted securely, then it is also a major concern. It is because Google usually favors secure websites. Therefore, if your website is not secure, then you may miss out on the SEO ranking. The important and most preferred browsers such as Google Chrome generally warn the visitors if they are about to visit on a non-secure website. This situation can be quite risky if the website facilitates transactions. So, do not avoid this concern and always try to build a secure website so that you can gain trusted customers without much effort. 

Final Words:

A website has become the primary aspect of any business nowadays. So, one must create a flawless website. This will put a great first impression on the potential customer for sure. But to get a flawless website, you should avoid common web design mistakes. 

The common mistakes related to the website design can be easily avoided if you will keep all the important points mentioned above in the mind. If you know the common mistakes in advance, then this will be quite useful for you as it helps to create a standardized website. So, do you want to make a new website without any flaws? If yes, then it is a wise choice to choose a well-experienced, skilled and qualified web design & development professional. 

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